shinhwa rewards member benefits

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information for Shinhwa Reward Membership

1. Items to Be Collected

Name, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, country, language setting, Passport Number

2. Purpose of Collection

- Identification for membership service
- Contact with the member

3. Retention Period

- One year after the termination of membership

You may disagree to the collection and processing of personal information. However, if you disagree to these items, you may have limitations in using the services.
1. Recipients

Landing Entertainment Korea Co., Ltd., Paris Baguette Shinhwa World Store, Jeju Tourism Organization Duty Free Shop, Jeju BHC Shinhwa World Store, CU Shinhwa Villas Store, Hallawon, Jun Investment, Myungga Co., Ltd., Sincere Watch Korea Limited, Joanne Teddy Bear Shinhwa World Store, East Imperial Esthetic & Spa, Jeju Rent-a-Car Co., Ltd., SG ACUMEN Co., Ltd., Shinsegae Food Co., Ltd., YG Foods Co., Ltd.

2. Items to Be Provided
Name, Member ID Number, point balance (Shinhwa dollar)

3. Purpose of Collection

- Accumulation and use of points and vouchers
- Provision of partner benefits

4. Retention Period

- One year after the termination of membership

  You have the right disagree to the provision of this personal information to a third party. However, if you disagree to this item, you may not accumulate and use points at our partner companies' stores not operated by Jeju Shinhwa World.
The information of your mobile phone number, email address, and sex collected by the company may be used for delivery of marketing messages, etc. including the company's service information (Jeju Shinhwa World Magazine, etc.) and information on opportunities to participate in promotions and events via mobile phone, SMS, emails, etc. and for marketing purposes such as development of new customized services, statistical analyses, and customer satisfaction survey for one year from the date of collection. You may disagree to the collection and use of personal information without restraints in using the service, but, if you disagree to the collection and use of personal information, you may not receive useful information from this company.
Please tick the application check box to let us know how you will receive marketing information
(only for who agrees to receive marketing information)