Landing Dining

The Grand Buffet where Jeju becomes More Special

Enjoy the most Jeju-like food prepared with fresh seafood that seems to have been just caught in the clean sea of Jeju, and feel as if you were invited to the Haenyeo's house. It provides nutrition for our body by serving a variety of meat dishes that can enhance the dignity of food and restore vitality using ingredients containing nature. Experience a world of dishes ranging from seafood to meat carefully prepared by five-star hotel chefs at Landing Dining.





Landing Resort GF

Operation Hours

07:00 - 10:30
18:00 - 21:30

Rate [Adult / Child(7-12yrs. / 3-6yrs.)]

Breakfast KRW 55,000 / KRW 39,000 / KRW 39,000
Dinner  KRW 149,000 / KRW 79,000 / KRW 49,000