Landing TOTOBA Baccarat Tournament


2022.05 -
* The last Saturday of every month

Applicable customers

Landing Privileges Member 75pax (Invitied Only)


Landing ETG Zone

Detail + Rewards

① Marketing Ambassador will contact to the qualified members.
② The registration will open from 6pm on the tournament day.
③ The registration will be first come-first serve basis.
④ Each round winner will be the player who has the highest chip count from each round(Total 3 winners).
⑤ Every player who participate in the tournament can get a bonus gaming voucher.
⑥ The prize will be given in the form of Cash, Promotion Chips, Match Play Voucher.

⑦ The prize and gaming bonus may vary.

Contact Number

Phone / Whatsapp: +82-010-8778-7705