Romantic Valentine's Day


A special day enchanted with romance, Express your feelings to your loved ones.




La Vela

A romantic Valentine's Day special dinner course is presented by Chef Michele, an Italian chef from the city of love, Verona, at La Vela. The harmony of authentic Italian recipes and Jeju's fresh ingredients presents a fantastic gourmet experience, and you have no choice but to fall in love. Enhance the romantic mood of Valentine's Day with Pasqua's Romeo and Juliet wine selections, carefully prepared by the Sommelier.

[Valentine's Day Special]
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■ Information

-Location: La Vela | Shinhwa Resort 1F
-Operation hours: 18:00 - 21:30
-Price: KRW300,000 for 2 (reservation required 3 days in advance)
-Inquiry: 82-64-908-2600

Sky On 5 Dining

Present beautiful picturesque memories colored with love at Sky on 5 Dining with a fantastic view and romantic atmosphere. Celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with a sweet strawberry dessert and fresh sparkling wine.

[Valentine's Day Special]
Raspberry lychee rose mousse (1 piece per table)
Sparkling wine pairing

■ Information

-Location: Sky on 5 Dining | Marriott 5F
-Operation hours: 18:00 - 21:30
-Price: Adult KRW119,000 | Child KRW65,000 
-Inquiry: 82-64-908-1200

Landing Deli

Send your love with Landing Deli's heart-shaped red cake filled with raspberry lychee rose puree and luxury French chocolate brand Yves Thuries' gift box. Share the sweetest delights to complete a perfectly romantic Valentine's Day.

[Valentine's Day Special]
Heart mousse cake
Chocolate gift box

■ Information

-Location: Landing Deli | Landing Resort GF
-Operation Hours: 10:30 - 18:00
-Price: Whole cake: KRW52,000 | Mini cake: KRW9,800
             Chocolate 100ea: KRW250,000 | 48ea: KRW120,000
-Inquiry: 82-64-908-2401

* The promotion is continued until March 14.


S BAR's Valentine's Day exclusive set is the perfect choice to end your special night. With a gourmet ham&cheese platter, either JSW signature cocktail or Ballantine's 12yo set is served. Whisper your love under the moonlight on Valentine's Day at S BAR with a special treat.

[Valentine's Day Special]
JSW Cocktail set [Mr.Peat, Snowy Road+Ham&Cheese Platter]
Ballantine's 12yo set [2 glasses of Ballantine 12yo+Ham&Cheese Platter]

■ Information

-Location: S BAR | Shinhwa Shoppes
-Operation hours: 17:00 - 24:00
-Price: JSW Cocktail set : KRW58,000 | Ballentine's set: KRW60,000
-Inquiry: 82-64-908-1265

M Lounge

Whisper love over M Lounge's Valentine's Day special cocktail, 'Love Story'. Enjoy the exceptional combination of Jeju's traditional liquor Heobuksul and floral aroma with an exclusive 1+1 special promotion.

[Valentine's Day Special]
'Love Story' Cocktail 1+1

■ Information

-Location: M Lounge | Marriott Resort GF 1F
-Operation hours: 13:30 - 22:30
-Price: KRW 26,000 [1+1 PROMOTION]
-Inquiry: 82-64-908-1205

* The promotion is continued until March 14.