Signature Restaurant

Signature Restaurant


    Cantonese style and authenticity from the kitchen of a true master

    Step into the culinary world of master chef Alan Chan Wai Lun, where a feast of authentic Cantonese-style flavors awaits. 
    Choose from classic family favorites such as Peking Duck, or embrace variety of exquisite dim sum which include the juicy 'Xiao Long Bao'.

  • 濟州膳 JEJUSEON

    A journey to the heart of Jeju’s unique culinary culture

    Feast on handcrafted Korean-style dishes showcasing the freshest local ingredients. Savor the sea’s finest offerings in a gourmet spread of Jeju Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup or delight in classic Korean dishes.

  • Jeju Seon The Black

    Experience the 192-hour aged premium black pork roasted on the Teppan by the master chefs

    Experience Jeju Seon The Black's black pork roasted on the Teppan, which is wet-aged at 1℃ for 192 hours and becomes tender and juicier. For the best taste, the hotel chef cooks on the Teppan at the best temperature and cooking time. 

  • Sky on 5 Dining

    A premium buffet restaurant with inspiring views of Jeju 

    Savor a diverse menu of dishes crafted from the freshest handpicked ingredients. Experience an exceptional buffet destination, where Korean, Japanese, Western and local Jeju delicacies meet stunning views.

  • Landing Dining

    Experience the world of various dishes prepared by Jeju Shinhwa World star chefs

    Enjoy a buffet with a variety of flavors from all over the world. Chinese local-style Chashao and Beijing duck, German Schweinshaxe cooked with black pork, Turkish Rotisserie doner kebab, beef rib-eye, etc. 

  • Shinhwa Terrace

    Start of the day in Jeju with a diverse international breakfast buffet

    Begin a new Jeju morning with a diverse international breakfast buffet crafted from fresh local ingredients, served amid panoramic views in a spacious venue.


    A restaurant that presents healthy taste with fresh ingredients

    The restaurant offers international buffet in the morning while home-made Chinese cusines with fresh ingredients are served for lunch and dinner.