1. Purpose
The purpose of this Shinhwa Rewards and Membership Program (hereinafter the “Program”) Terms & Conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) is to provide for the range of services that are offered by Jeju Shinhwa World (hereinafter the “Resort”) owned and operated by Landing Jeju Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”), to anyone having subscribed to the Program and to set rights and obligations.
2. Effectiveness and Amendment of the Terms and Conditions
(a) Member (defined in Article 3. Definition) shall be considered to have fully read, understood and agreed to comply with the Terms and Conditions, and the Terms and Conditions shall take into effective when a Member:
(i) fills in and signs an application for the Program (new or renewal); or
(ii) receives a written notice or letter via email, postal service or any other means of correspondence from the Company containing the Terms and Conditions.
(b) The Company may change the Terms and Conditions of the Program if deemed necessary, and the Company shall specify the application date, reason for the change and disclose the terms on its website seven(7) days prior to the date of application of the changed terms with the current terms (30 days from the date of application if the changes are disadvantageous to its members) and notify the Member by e-mail or mail. Members may not accept the changed terms and may withdraw his or her Membership (defined in Article 3. Definition) should he or she disagree with the changed terms. However, Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions if the Member has not explicitly expressed his or her objection, given that the Company has notified that the Member has agreed to the changes by the application date unless he or she expresses disagreement. However, in the event that the Terms and Conditions are changed unfavorably to the Member, the Member may withdraw his or her Membership within two months since the notification of the change.
3. Definition
(a) “Membership” refers to a membership program which Company provides to its Members with certain benefits in connection with use of the Company’s services and facilities within the Resort and partner outlets within or outside the Resort.
(b) “Membership Year” refers to the period of time which starts on the date that the Company approves Member’s submitted Membership application and each consecutive period of twelve (12) months thereafter, rounded up to the last day of the month. A New Membership Year begins on the first day of the month following the end of the Membership Year.
(c) “Member” refers to anyone who has registered as a member of the Program for the use of Membership services.
(d) “Principal Member” refers to the JSV Owner (defined below) who is entitled to become Shinhwa Stay Platinum (defined in Article 5. Membership Tiers and Benefits) Member as part of JSV Owner benefits. Principal Member may nominate other Shinhwa Stay Platinum Members as further defined in Article 10.
(e) “SHD” is an acronym for Shinhwa Dollars, which is the reward points earned by Members based on the spending amount of each Member in the Program participating shops.
(f) “JSV Owner” refers to owner of resort condominium in Jeju Shinhwa Villas operated by the Company.
4. Membership Application
(a) Any person with age of 14 years or older is entitled to apply for the Membership. The use of membership in conjunction with some services may not be permitted to individuals under the age of 19.
(b) Membership is only offered to individuals and is not available to businesses, corporations, companies, associations, organizations or other similar entities.
(c) All applicants must provide valid mobile number and/or e-mail address. Use of the Program may be limited or restricted if invalid mobile number or e-mail address is provided.
(d) Approval or disapproval of the Membership application is at the sole discretion of the Company, and an applicant whose application is disapproved may not raise an objection to the Company.
(e) For a new Membership, the Company will issue a new membership number and an e-membership card upon approval of an application, along with a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN). The New Member is assigned with a membership tier of “Gold,” and membership tier may be upgraded or downgraded, based on SHD earned and maintained and at sole discretion of the Company.
(f) Each Member shall be responsible for maintaining his/her own e-membership card and password.
(g) A Member is entitled to subscribe to/own only one membership, and is not allowed to subscribe or own more than one Membership by any method. If you subscribe to more than one Membership, you shall be forcibly

withdrawn from all Memberships except one, and the points and benefits of the withdrawn Membership shall automatically become extinct.
5. Membership Tiers and Benefits
(a) The Program offers five membership tiers:
(i) Gold
(ii) Platinum
(iii) Black
(iv) Shinhwa Stay Platinum
(v) Shinhwa Stay Black
(b) If a Gold Member accumulates 277,000 SHD or more at any time after becoming a Member, his or her Membership tier will be upgraded to Platinum.
(c) If a Platinum Member accumulates 777,000 SHD or more at any time after becoming a Platinum Member, his or her membership tier will be upgraded to Black.
(d) Once membership tier is upgraded, the Members must accumulate a minimum of 277,000 SHD for Platinum Members and 777,000 SHD for Black Members by the end of Membership Year in order to maintain upgraded membership tier. Otherwise, upgraded membership tier may be downgraded or r everted back to the membership tier prior to the upgrade.
(e) SHD for upgrading and maintaining the Membership tier are accumulated based on the actual paid amount, and SHD paid for promotions/events are not included when calculating the Membership tier.
(f) Member’s benefits for each membership tier are as follows: you may visit our official website for more details.

TIERS Gold Platinum Black
Shinhwa Dollars Earned on Purchases at all Shinhwa Rewards Participating Outlets 3% 4% 5%
Birthday Rewards v v v
Gift for Upgrade (Once in Each Tier) - v v
Waiver of Administration Fee (5%) for all Shinhwa Dollars Redemptions at Shinhwa Rewards Participating Outlets - - v
Access to Pre-sale Tickets for Signature Events v v v
Discounts for Ticketed Events - 10% 15%
Complimentary Invitations to Signature Resort Events - v v


Complimentary Wi-Fi v v v
Discounts on Hotel Stays Additional discount will be applied from the lowest price offer at JSW website
Discounts on Laundry Services (For Stay Guest) - 10% 15%
Complimentary Hotel Stay (For Member Tier Upgrade) - 1 Ni ght 3 Ni ghts
Early Check-in upon Reservation - - v
48-hour Rooms Reservation Guarantee (Suite Rooms Excluded) - - v
Priority Check-in - - v
Discounts on Theme Park & Water Park & Transformer Autobot Alliance Tickets Member’s Exclusive Rate *may differ upon the purchase of the packages and properties
Complimentary Theme Park Tickets - 4 Per Year 12 per year
Theme Park Express Passes for All Rides - - v
Priority Entry into Theme Park & Water Park - - v
Discounts at Selected F&B Outlets (Not Applicable for Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco Products and certain Retail Items) 5% 10% 15%
Priority Queue at Selected F&B Outlets - - v

(g) Benefits for Complimentary Hotel Stay, Complimentary Theme Park Entrance Tickets and Complimentary Invitation to Signature Resort Events are only applicable to Members that have earned the tier by accumulating SHD as described in Article 5-2, 5-3 and 5-4.
(h) Shinhwa Dollars may not be awarded or redeemed for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, particular retail and promotional items.

6. Accumulating SHD
(a) One SHD has equal value as one Korean Won and does not hold any cash value.
(b) SHD shall be accumulated when use any of outlets participating the Program based on the actual paid amount excluding discounts, use of vouchers, promotions, and amount for using the SHD.
(c) SHD shall be accumulated simultaneously with the payment. In case of subsequent accumulation, SHD may be accumulated when you show your receipt only on the day of the payment.
(d) The following items are excluded from the accumulation of SHD:
i. Free rooms
ii. Reservations through special contractors such as travel agencies, agency companies, etc.
iii. Amount for using vouchers such as an admission ticket, free pass, and gift certification, which purchased through a commissioned sale agency or an external agency
iv. Member registration fee and card purchase of all special programs operated and implemented by Membership, amount paid by vouchers such as hotel gift certificates and buffet voucher
(e) For each transaction, Members are required to present his or her e-membership Card for SHD to be property credited to a Member’s account. Accumulated SHD will show in Member’s account within 24 hours.

(f) Accumulation and usage of SHD can only be done using one membership account per transaction. In cases where guest is also a Member of another hotel rewards program, choice of membership program to use be made upon reservation.
(g) The accumulated SHD may not be transferred to a third party including another Member

7. Using SHD
(a) SHD may be used towards purchase of goods or services at Shops for the whole amount of purchase or in part, subject to a 5% administrative fee. Check Company policy for transaction details.
(b) SHD cannot be redeemed by combining SHD belonging to different Members.
(c) SHD may not be used by any other person other than e-membership Card holder or Shinhwa Reward mobile application user.
(d) Only one other payment method can be used with credit(debit) card or cash when you use SHD or vouchers

8. SHD Validity
SHD expires on a first-in-first-out basis after 36 months, round up to the last day of the month. Expired SHD cannot be restored.

9. Cancellation of Membership
(a) Members may request cancellation of his or her Membership by emailing to rewards@shinhwaworld.com
(b) Company may cancel Membership if a Member:
(i) violates the Terms and Conditions of this Program
(ii) abuses the benefits of the Program
(iii) fails to pay the amounts billed by the Company and/or the Shops

10. Special Terms and Conditions for Shinhwa Stay Platinum Member
(a) Each JSV Owner is entitled to following number of Shinhwa Stay Platinum Membership (including the Principal Member himself or herself):
(iv) Villa-type condominium: 8
(v) Resort-type condominium: 4
(b) Each Principal Member must present an application form to register his/her nominated Members for the Program. Principal Member and nominated Members must maintain a minimum of 1-year Membership status during the Validity Period (as defined in Section 10(h) below).
(c) Approval of application for the Membership shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.
(d) Notwithstanding Article 4(a), JSV Owner or his/her nominated Members can be any person with age below 19, however he/she is only eligible for the benefits described in Article 10(g). Other benefits described in Article 5(f), Article 6 and Article 7 such as accumulating SHD and using SHD are not applicable.
(e) Transfer of Membership will only be considered if there is a change in ownership of JSV Owner, and, if approved, the Membership of the Principal Member and all nominated Members will be cancelled effective as of the date of JSV Owner’s ownership change.
(f) Only the remaining entitlements below and Membership validity period can be transferred.
(g) Benefits for each JSV Owner are as shown below.



Entitlements Resort Condominium Villa Condominium
Per Year
Per Year
Attractions Annual Pass Water Park up to 4 5 years up to 8 5 years
Theme Park up to 4 5 years up to 8 5 years
Transformers Autobots Alliance up to 4 5 years up to 8 5 years
Hotel & Resort Landing Resort (Superior room) 12 nights 3 years 12 nights 3 years
Free Room Upgrade (Upon Check-in) N/A To Deluxe 3 years

(h) The effective period of Theme Park, Water Park, and Transformer Autobot Alliance of an owner of Annual Pass begins from the date of issuance of the Membership card.
(i) An owner of Annual Pass may enter the Theme Park, Water Park, and Transformer Autobot Alliance once a day. But, during the blackout periods including the Chuseok holidays, summer peak season (from July 19 to August 18), period of opening at night, and a special event period, the owner of Annual Pass cannot enter with the Annual Pass. The Company may designate the date and time at its sole discretion, and will notify the date and time to the Members in advance.
(j) The effective period of the benefits of hotel accommodation and free room upgrade begins from the date of issuance of the Membership card. Only Principal Members may reserve the Landing Resort up to 12 nights a year. (However, reservation may be unavailable depending on the room situation.)
(k) An upgrade of a hotel room shall be effective for only one room during the period of accommodation for Members of Villa-type Condominium. (subject to the room availability).
(l) General Terms and Conditions apply to all Shinhwa Stay Platinum Members and these special terms and conditions always take precedence.

11. Miscellaneous
(a) Each Member is responsible for proper use of the Program and the Company assumes no liability resulting from Member’s use.
(b) The Korean language version of these Terms and Conditions takes precedence over all other language versions. This version of the terms and conditions are provided only for reference purposes.
Effective date for the updates: April 20th 2020.

The above Terms and Conditions of Shinhwa Rewards Membership at Jeju Shinhwa World will be applied from April 20th 2020.